About Us

Familiar Fragrance was founded with the sole focus being to supply 'familiar fragrances at unfamiliar prices'.

Every month when our aftershave started to run low, we'd dread the expensive task of re-buying the fragrances that we can't live without. That's when we started doing some research to figure out what makes these perfumes/fragrances so expensive.

The truth is... Branding.

We tend to pay a premium price point for products from high end brands, such as Dior or Yves Saint Laurent - because of the name. But, what if we could keep that high quality fragrance, while lowering the amount we spend, allowing us to save more money each month (which we all could do with!).

After hours and hours of research, testing.. and more testing - Familiar Fragrance was created. We have a growing range of fragrances each with their own easily distinguishable base, middle and top

All of our perfumes are Eau De Parfum (EDP), meaning they are long lasting and stronger in smell - just like they should be.

If you can't smell the difference, why pay the difference?